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"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." ― Albert Einstein

Fairy tales show kids how to handle problems and build emotional resiliency. They give parents opportunities to teach critical thinking skills.

Fairy tales also develops a child's imagination. The imagination of a child is very special; it is the soil which sprouts and grows to perfection our future leaders, scientists, inventors, and artists.

Did you know that fairy tales were first written for adults? Fairy tales are still needed today even for adults. With that being said, is your imagination ready? Then let us begin...

The animals of Meadow Fields are filled with excitement. A Celebration Dance is going to be held to welcome the new Peachicks.

The Guest of Honor will be Cob Cobblepot, Meadow Fields' beloved matchmaker.

Every animal-but Cob-has a plus-one for the dance. How odd is it that Cob, who is so talented at finding the perfect pair for others, does not have his own partner to bring to the dance?

As the night of the dance grows near, the animals of Meadow Fields do their best to help the matchmaker find his mate. Grumpy Frog, Mrs. Field Mouse, and many others are certain they have found the perfect match for Cob. But Cob is not so sure.

Will Cob Cobblepot, the matchmaking swan, be able to find his reflection in time for the Celebration Dance?

Join Cob and the animals of Meadow Fields on this whimsical journey filled with suspense and magic, to find out if he will.

HaveYou Seen My Reflection Signed Copy

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